Thursday Best Practices: Asking a Follow Up Question

Hey Guys! We are back with the Thursday Forum Best Practices where we discuss about a feature or practice on how you can best utilize MSDN/TechNet Forums. Today’s blog post topic is inspired from our weekly blog posting theme Tuesday Featured Post that was published on a topic Tuesday Featured Post: Confused! Pointing Out Where….


Forum Moderation Best Practices Part 2- Propose an answer and then mark it 7 days later

Hello! This post continues the conversation from last week’s blog post: Forum Moderators Best Practices Part 1 – Behold the Forum Moderation Guide!!! Forum Moderation Best Practices Part 2 – Propose an answer and then mark it 7 days later Forum Moderation Best Practices Part 3 – Are you marking a third-party solution as the answer? Use caution!…


Forum Best Practices: Protecting the crown jewels

For a long time the forums have been the last resort for people with high urgency questions, … And that’s fine, the forums are there to help each other… But in many of these highly critical situations, people are at the end of their breath, they don’t know where to go, or have tried many different things without result,…


“Code Only” and “Link Only” Replies!

If you found a question without any reply, and you do not have enough time to write a complete reply, did you try to post only URL(s) or few line of code without any description? I think posting a piece of Code without any description is not good at all. But, links are useful if using…


Getting the best out of your forum signature

This post has also been published as a TechNet Wiki article on: Surf to the Wiki article, and feel free to add more useful hints and tips to get the best out of your forum signature. Introduction When you participate in the forums, by creating a new discussion or question, or responding to a question/discussion, you’ll…