Goals, Objectives, and our means

Hello and a Happy New Year to all 🙂 Before we start our discussion, I would like to start with saying to all the people supporting forums, all contributors, and all the forums Moderators WELL DONE! You are doing great job and I hope that more people will follow you. I wish you all and to your…


Interview with SQL Server MVP and Forum Ninja – Erland Sommarskog

Each week one of the “Forum Ninjas” staff members picks a top contributor in the MSDN and TechNet Forums that impressed him. We write about their achievements, and we interview them. Today it’s time for Monday Interview with a Forum Ninja! The person I would like to introduce today should be familiar to anyone who uses SQL Server forums….


Interview with Microsoft Partner and Forum Ninja – Noel D Paton

Welcome to another Interview with a Forum Ninja! Today we’re going to get to know one of the blog’s members, Microsoft Partner, Forum moderator, and Forum Ninja… Noel is an active member in the forums since 2008, with stunning statistics that says it all. Noel’s Stats: About 110k Recognition Points! 7,861 Answered Questions 2,282 Helpful Posts…


Microsoft Forums URL address format

Good day, I have small tip for you today. Did you know that understanding the URL format will give you the power to find forums that you didn’t even know exist? Moreover, by understanding the URL format you can learn a lot about the forums that you are using. In this post I would like to…


Hello world!

We are pleased to announce the new Forum Ninjas blog “ForumNinjas” in short. The Forum Ninjas blog is the official blog of the MSDN and TechNet Forum members. In fact, TechNet and MSDN forums are one and the same. We navigate to the forums using different URL address, but behind the scene these are one…