Sunday Surprise – One Week Offer: Reply here to become an MSDN/TechNet Forum Answerer

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This offer is now expired! You can leave requests in the Forum Issues forum (start a new thread) or wait until we have a new similar offer on this blog, in the future. Thanks!



I'm trying something new. For one week, you are invited to reply to this blog post to sign up to become a forum Answerer for any TechNet or MSDN forum. This excludes the Microsoft Community/Answers forums and the ASP.NET forums.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • You have to have been active in that forum for at least 6 months.
  • You have at least 100 Forum Answers.
  • You have at least 1,000 Recognition Points.
  • You'll need to agree to follow the moderation guidelines, paying close attention to how the largest value is to propose questions and then mark them 7 days later (after waiting for the OP to unpropose them or directly mark them).
  • No major complaints or reported issues about your behavior (as far as following the TechNet/MSDN terms of use).

And then just reply with...

  1. A link to the forum(s) you want to become an Answerer in!
  2. Whether you agree to the Forum Moderation Guidelines

Note that each forum has a different group of owners, so there's no guarantee the owners will want to add any more Answerers. But it usually works out well.

After one week, the offer expires! Let's try this and see what happens.


Thank you for all  your community contributions!

- Ninja Ed

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  1. AndyPT says:

    That would be nice but I don’t qualify for the numbers. Nice initiative, though.

  2. So bad Im not qualified with numbers.

  3. Great! Its really a great opportunity. Unfortunately, I am not qualified for this. Hope, I will qualify next time.

    1. Hi Luigi. Were you interested in helping out as an Answerer in any specific forum (where you aren’t already an Answerer or Moderator)?

      Good to see you!

    1. Great qualifications! Do you agree to follow the guidelines?

      Also, are you able to check into the forum more often to browse the responses? Maybe every few weeks would be valuable.


      1. Sabah Shariq says:

        Hi Ed. I agree with the guidelines and Yes I am able to check into the responses.

        1. Submitted this request. Thanks!

  4. NOTE: I added the fact that if you’ve been breaking the terms of use, then obviously the request won’t go through. Also added the fact that each forum is owned by a different group of folks, and so the requests simply might not go through for unknown reasons. But it usually does. Thanks!

    1. UPDATES: And I added that you’ll need to agree to the moderation guidelines. And I added the Forum Ninjas banner at the bottom. =^)

      1. pituach says:

        Looks great 🙂
        I already published it in several forums

        1. Thanks for helping promote it!

  5. Hi Ed. Yes. I am response in forum.

    1. Interested in being an Answerer? Which forum? Do you agree to the guidelines?

      Especially to propose questions and then mark them 7 days later (after waiting for the OP to unpropose them or directly mark them).

  6. Great offer, I am in for sharepoint 2016, 2013, 2010 and workflow manager 1.0 managers forums.

  7. Shanky_621 says:

    Hi Ed,
    I have little different request, I want to be moderator in Below forums. I am sorry but I do not mark answer, I will definitely propose it. I want to be moderator to keep threads clean and make sure they are on correct forum and other such things, which I won’t be able to do if I am answerer.

    Its totally OK with me if you think otherwise.

    1. Done. Yes, please at least propose answers. Spam is very important too, but proposing and marking answers is what keeps forums from drying up where we still keep people motivated to answer questions.


  8. Hi,
    I’m interested in helping the community.
    2. I’ve read and agree to the forum moderation guidelines

    1. I submitted this request. Thanks, Antonio!

      1. Antonio Pelleriti says:

        thanks Ed,
        I see new options. So, am I now a moderator?

    1. Great. Thanks for the links and for agreeing to the guidelines. Makes it much faster.

      1. Great, Awesome, I will xcross my fingers.

        1. Thanks ED…my options are change in the forums, looks like i am moderator….is there any way from profile which tell me on which forum i am moderator?

          1. No. I just usually favorite them so they show up on this page:

            But you can submit that as a feature request to “fissues”.

          2. pituach says:

            This is great question 🙂
            Once you start manage lot of forums it become an issue.
            My solution is to keep a list of forums in simple word document.

            It can be very useful feature to see list of forums you moderate and serve as answerer, in the profile (for public as well as for our personal use). I love this idea 🙂

          3. I verify that the page I listed also includes a list of all the forums you’re a moderator on. Thanks!

    1. I can’t find your profile. Just this one without any of the qualifications:

      1. Farhan Ahmed says:


        My Profile link is :

        I am not sure why it is not showing here.

        Farhan Ahmned

        1. Farhan Ahmed says:


          My Profile link is :

          I am not sure why it is not showing here.

          Farhan Ahmned

          1. I think it is show correct profile now 🙂

          2. Great! I marked a few more of your answers, but you still need 8 more to have 100 answers.

    1. I can’t find your TechNet profile. Just one called “TheSmilingDBA” that obviously changed its name (so the link is dead now):

        1. You’re very close. You’d need 11 more answers. Thanks!

          1. Naomi N says:

            I can vouch for Thomas LeBlank. I know he is a great SQL Server expert and used to be an MVP. I think he just recently started to use the forums.

  9. cheong00 says:

    I’d like to help but just want to ask first, is there a way we can get a list of forum that lacks answerer? I see that lots of major forums have a few answerers already.

    I think some of the forums (especially the localized ones) may be in short of people to help.

    1. Well, I see it as supply and demand. If there are a lot of forum posts that go by without an Answerer or Mod to check them and propose the right answer… then the current supply of Answerers hasn’t met the demand (the need).

      There could be 300 Answerers, but it means they either aren’t doing the tasks or there is a ton more traffic than the existing Answerers can handle.

    2. So are you interested in helping? If so, I need…

      1.A link to the forum(s) you want to become an Answerer in!
      2.Whether you agree to the Forum Moderation Guidelines

      1. cheong00 says:

        Okay. Here’s the forums that I regularly visit:

        And I agree to the Forum Moderation Guidelines mentioned in the blog post.

        1. The C# Forum is done, and I submitted the request for the .NET Framework forum. Thanks!

    3. pituach says:

      I totally agree!!! As much as I understand from other people and my experience lot of the Local forums need help
      * In the forums in Hebrew language, I feel like I am the only active moderator, and above all! no one from Microsoft comes to help. I don’t think that I saw any of Microsoft representative in the forums for several years :-(. There is no one to close threads for example, since I cannot (ethic issue) mark my own response as answers.

    1. Submitted the request. Thanks!

      1. Carey Frisch says:

        Thank you very much, Ed!

        1. You’re welcome, Carey! And thanks for enduring on helping with the forums!

  10. IMPORTANT: This offer is now expired. You can leave threads in the Forum Issues forum to request similar roles. Eventually, we’ll get them triaged and addressed. Thanks!

    1. Update: I edited the blog to make it clear at top that the offer is expired and the other options are to start a new thread in the Forums forum:

      Or to wait for our next offer on this blog.

      The Forums forum option will likely take longer to triage the request.

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