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Have you ever seen these announcements in the forums each month?

Here's an example:


What are these announcements announcing?

Well, they seek to encourage forum authors to turn their great solution into an article! Sometimes, the question is a little vague, and so when all is said and done, the author might have written something more like a troubleshooting guide of all the different possible solutions.

And you could link back to that forum thread (many do), but it's still not laid out in the best way to make it easy for the readers to understand. But then the title also is often not the best description of the problem. So the solution is to turn your answers into a Wiki article, and then you can link to that in future forum threads, which is laid out in a way that's easier to read and understand.


The thread goes on to give you instructions, as well as a list of winners from the June competition.


Go check it out:


Jump on in! The Forums are Fine!

- Ninja Ed

Comments (5)

  1. I like digging into some of the more unusual (but still cool) forum threads!

    Some of the previous ones I highlighted in the last few weeks…

  2. pituach says:

    Great choice!
    Firstly, you found a way to mention the GURU competition 🙂
    Secondly, Peter Laker is doing a great job in organizing all the GURU competitions. Each month come with new ways to bring us the information. People maybe do not realize who is behind the scenes … for years Peter used the nickname “XAML Guy” and only recently he came out and started to use his real full name 🙂

    1. Ha! Yes, the worlds come together. I love creative forum threads like this one, that I think do unusual but amazing things! These announcements help improve the overall forum experiences! And Peter Laker took a little idea I had (awarding folks and encouraging forum contributions) to a powerful award system and judging platform! I’ve seen people get jobs (including at Microsoft, being able to move their families to a better place) and become Microsoft MVPs, in part due to the awareness that the award system brings!

    2. There’s also a lot of talent involved (to your point)! Peter Laker is a Microsoft Azure MVP, and we have a lot of great judges, like Richard Mueller (Windows Server MVP) and you, Ronen (SQL Server MVP). Plus we have Chen V (another Microsoft MVP) taking over the forum announcements and Peter Geelen (former Microsoft MVP and Microsoft employee) taking over the Wiki page “hosting”. We have a lot of experts coming together to congratulate, encourage, and award the MSDN/TechNet community! And we’re glad to see so many Forum contributors win those awards!

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