Featured Forum Thread – Small Basic August Challenges

Small Basic is a Microsoft language + IDE that teaches kids and learners how to code! It's the easiest way to learn actual text/syntax-based coding:

And we have an MSDN forum dedicated to it! This is a fun place where teachers and students come together to learn and explore Small Basic:

And each month a Small Basic Community Council member, LitDev, hosts a thread full of challenges. Here are the August Challenges:


This month's Small Basic challenges include a Text, Math, and Game challenge...

Text Challenge

Write a program to perform a 'find and replace' feature for text in a file.

Maths Challenge

Write a program to calculate display numbers with either a fixed number of significant figures or fixed number of decimal places.

Game Challenge

Write a breakout type game


This thread is great, like it is each month! People post their solutions and then have a discussion, asking questions, building on each other's programs (it's really easy to collaborate on Small Basic programs), and learning from each other!

Check it out:


A big thanks goes out to LitDev for hosting these each month!


May the Forums be with you,

- Ninja Ed


Comments (3)

  1. pituach says:

    I love the idea of monthly challenge in the forum 🙂

    1. It would be cool if we could do something like this in other forums.

  2. UPDATE: I fixed the link to the Small Basic forum. Thanks!

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