Azure IoT Toolkit vNext with Device Explorer for VS Code: New UX design, new developer experience

In recent one year, I have written 11 extensions for Visual Studio Code. To be honest, the Azure IoT Toolkit extension is the most dissatisfied of these extensions to me. But now, the situation has changed! The new Azure IoT Toolkit is coming! Thanks to the new VSCode Tree View API, we have an IoT Hub Device Explorer now! I love it soooooo much! It is a Device Explorer for Any Developer, Any Platform, supports Linux, macOS as well as Windows. You could work on your IoT development without leaving your favorite Visual Studio Code.

Currently, the Device Explorer has below main functions:

  • Device management
    • List devices
    • Get device info
    • Create device
    • Delete device
  • Interact with Azure IoT Hub
    • Send D2C message to IoT Hub
    • Monitor IoT Hub D2C message

Please expect more functions to be added into the new Device Explorer. Feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion on this! 😉

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