Visual Studio Code Usage Analysis — Round 2

In recent half a year, I have written 10 extensions for VS Code. I love VS Code a lot! And it has replaced Visual Studio to be may preferred code editor!

In last year when Code Runner reached 10K download milestone, we have already got some insights from the usage of Code Runner. And now, with the over 600K monthly usage of Code Runner, we could use the telemetry of Code Runner as a reference and learn much more for the usage of Visual Studio Code!

Usage by Language

The usage of Python and Node is over half of the total usage! Amazing!

Usage by Country or region

China, United States and Republic of Korea are top 3, and have much more usages than other countries!

Usage by City

Oh! 京沪穗(Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) are still top 3 in the usage by city!

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