Visual Studio Code Usage Analysis

Cheers! My Code Runner Extension has already reached 10K downloads milestone!
By adding Application Insights to this extension, we get a lot of telemetry data for the usage of this extension. Though the data is from the extension, we still could get some insights of the usage of Visual Studio Code. πŸ™‚ In this post, We use recent 20 days' data for analysis.

Usage by Language

Over one-third of usages are from Python. Amazing!
1. The supported programming languages of this extensions are: javascript, php, python, perl, ruby, go, lua, groovy, powershell, bat/cmd, bash/sh, F# script, C# script, vbscript
2. stop means users trigger the stop command to stop the running code.
3. runByLanguage means users himself select a language to run. You could ignore the data.
4. cscript //Nologo means the vbscript.

Usage by Country or region

United States and China have much more usages than other countries.

Usage by City

Oh! δΊ¬ζ²ͺη©—(Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) have got top 3 in the usage by city!

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