Microsoft Azure ❤️️ Java !

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. It provides software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks. Besides .Net, it has great support for many programming languages such as Java, C++, Node, Python, PHP, Ruby ans so on….


PlatformIO for Visual Studio Code: Arduino, Espressif, Raspberry Pi, mbed and more

PlatformIO for Visual Studio Code is coming! PlatformIO is an open source ecosystem for IoT development. It support 350+ embedded boards, 20+ development platforms and 10+ frameworks. It has integration for many popular IDEs and editors but not Visual Studio Code. With this PlatformIO extension, we have added support for PlatformIO now! You could use…


Visual Studio Code Usage Analysis — Round 2

In recent half a year, I have written 10 extensions for VS Code. I love VS Code a lot! And it has replaced Visual Studio to be may preferred code editor! In last year when Code Runner reached 10K download milestone, we have already got some insights from the usage of Code Runner. And now,…


Send your first ‘Hello World’ message to Azure IoT Hub using JavaScript with Azure IoT Toolkit for VS Code

With the latest release of Azure IoT Toolkit, the code snippet function is added, you could write JavaScript to interact with IoT Hub very conveniently. Prerequisites: VS Code Azure IoT Toolkit Code Runner (not required but recommended) Node.js Steps: Open any folder in VS Code In VS Code, open Settings from ‘File’–>’Preferences’. Add device connection…


Azure IoT Toolkit supports Event Hub now!

Another milestone! With the contribution of @SummerSun, the Azure IoT Toolkit supports Event Hub now! Azure Event Hubs is a hyper-scale telemetry ingestion service that collects, transforms, and stores millions of events. Data sent to an Event Hub can be transformed and stored using any real-time analytics provider or batching/storage adapters. Event Hubs event and…


Run Swift and Objective-C in Visual Studio Code

With the latest release of Code Runner, Objective-C support is added as well. With this extension, you could not only run Command Line Tool but also Cocoa Application. From now, both Swift and Objective-C are supported! Please install and have a try! Let me know your feedback. Note that running Objective-C is only supported on…


Build IoT Solutions on top of Microsoft technology stack: Azure IoT and Windows IoT

The core of IoT (Internet of Things) is Cloud (Internet), Device (Thing) and how to connect them. For Cloud, we have Azure IoT Hub. For Device, we have Windows 10 IoT Core. How about the connection between them? Great products need great tools. Here comes with the IoT Extension Pack. With this extension pack, we…


Auto Complete Tag for Visual Studio Code

Recently, the VS Code Marketplace has added an ‘Extension Packs’ category. An Extension Pack is a set of extensions that can be installed together. When you do web development, the auto-complete is an important feature. Therefore, I create the Auto Complete Tag Extension Pack which combines the functions of Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename…


Awesome Azure IoT

You may have heard the awesome: Curated list of awesome lists, such as Awesome IoT and Awesome VS Code. And now, we have the Awesome Azure IoT. The Awesome Azure IoT is a curated list of awesome Azure Internet of Things projects and resources. For now, it includes Hardware, Operating System, IoT Clouds, Framework, SDK, Libraries, Tools…


Deploy and run code in remote machine via Visual Studio Code

When doing IoT development, coding is one of the most important part. Due to the resource limit of the device, most devices do not have GUI. Someone may SSH to the remote device to code. We could only code using vi or nano. The coding experience is poor. Someone may code on the desktop then…