The ClearType Font Collection

Now that Vista and Office 2007 have shipped, we would like to send out a pointer to some online typographic samples of the ClearType font collection. All of these brand new fonts ship with Vista, and Office 2007. Calibri and Cambria are included in Office as the new defaults.

You can find the samples here.

Sample layouts for each font are provided as .XPS  (XML Paper Specification) files. For viewing options visit this page.


Edit: Update Image References

Comments (7)

  1. vintner says:

    I bought Office 2007, so I should have these fonts.  I’d love to see these documents, but .xps documents apparently don’t open on WinXP with Firefox.  I really tried to use IE7, but it crashed at least once a day taking the state of my dozen tabs with it.  Firefox is, sadly enough, a vastly better browser.  Making a new file format that doesn’t work with Firefox is extremely shortsighted.

  2. UrbanK says:

    The ClearType optimized font Consolas, which is a monospace font, is available for download for XP users. I use it when I program in Microsoft Visual Studio, and it’s mighty fine.

  3. Mikel Ward says:

    These fonts look really good, but they look smaller at the same size than other fonts.  Why is this?

  4. Faramond says:

    Beautiful typefaces!!! Now if only Word supported the ligatures (and did better justification)…

  5. Very cool fonts.

    Thanks a lot for this cool blog.

    See you. Hans from Germany

  6. fontblog says:

    A teacher asks Butt-head if he is angry for some reason Butt-head: Uhhhh… I’m, like, angry at numbers.

  7. Why do the wonderful new Vista fonts render so much smaller than older fonts in browsers? I think it only happens when using relative sizes (instead of pixels), but that’s a big problem. It wouldn’t be a problem if IE could resize pixel sized fonts, but it can’t.

    Microsoft *completely* snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with the new Vista fonts.

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