Uhhhh… I’m, like, angry at numbers.

A teacher asks Butt-head if he is angry for some reason Butt-head: Uhhhh… I’m, like, angry at numbers. Beavis: Yeah, there’s like, too many of them and stuff. If Beavis and Butthead were typographers, they would be ecstatic. For typographers, the more numbers styles, the better, and with the advent of OpenType a whole new…


A blast from type past!

When Windows 2000 launched, there was a new typeface included called Palatino Linotype. What was special about it? Quite a bit actually. The description that comes with the typeface explains why. “Palatino Linotype is the definitive new version of Hermann Zapf’s Palatino, which since its design in 1950 has become one of the world’s most widely used…


The Technology of Text

Kevin Larson on our team recently had an article published in Spectrum IEEE. Here is a link to the online Version. Edit: Update link reference Edit: Update Image Reference

The ClearType Font Collection

Now that Vista and Office 2007 have shipped, we would like to send out a pointer to some online typographic samples of the ClearType font collection. All of these brand new fonts ship with Vista, and Office 2007. Calibri and Cambria are included in Office as the new defaults. You can find the samples here. Sample…