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Hi, I’m the team’s reading psychologist. A lot of people freak out at the title psychologist fearing that I can read your mind or analyze your relationship with your Mother just by looking at you. What I actually do is apply the scientific method to questions about reading.

I’m a big fan of the site Cognitive Daily. They clearly and concisely report interesting cognitive psychology findings. I hope to do something similar for reading research. Sometimes I will talk about issues that are more theoretical, which will be interesting for those who care about cognitive processes, but I will also focus on research that can be used by the typographic community or anyone who creates documents.

I’m most known in these circles for writing a review paper on word recognition, and I will certainly talk about new developments in word recognition. But most of my research revolves around researching technologies that improve the performance and aesthetics of on-screen reading. I’ll talk a lot about improvements in reading performance that result from ClearType and new font technologies. The most interesting posts will probably happen when I weigh in on hot topics in typography, so I will gladly welcome topic suggestions.

Measuring different aspects of the reading experience is extremely interesting, and I hope I can adequately convey how fun it is. Now stop thinking that about your Mother, please.

Kevin Larson

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