WF State Machine Activity Pack CTP1 Released

The WF State Machine Activity Pack CTP1 is released on CodePlex NOW!!  Please check it out.

Last year in PDC2009, I ran a chalk talk on our work on WF 4 State Machine Activities and promised the team would ship an implementation for public review after the release of Visual Studio 2010.  Today, I am so excited to let you know that we have delivered it on CodePlex as planned.

This CTP contains a state machine runtime and a graphical state machine designer implementation, and they are optimized to handle event-driven scenarios.   We simplified the runtime object model and enhanced the designer experience so that handling transitions among states should be more intuitive and require fewer clicks or drag-and-drops comparing to WF3. In WF 4, we have also introduced the Flowchart modeling style. State Machine and Flowchart styles are highly complementary. They are suitable for different scenarios. We will talk more about that in future blogs.

So, go ahead to download and install the bits. The user guide is a good starting point.  If you are interested in how it is implemented, you can download the source code. For WF 3 users, you can find the comparison between the state machine in WF3 and this CTP in the user guide.  And the team will continue to blog about different features such as composite states, conditional transition, etc… 

Your feedback is important to us.  We would like to understand more about your State Machine scenarios to build the State Machine right for your business needs.  So, please be encouraged to validate the implementation with your scenarios and let us know how it fits or doesn’t fit your scenarios.

state machine

Alan Ko (

Program Manager (The WF team)

Comments (3)

  1. Jimmy says:

    Dear Alan Ko,

    Hi, Alan. I found your blog “WF State Machine Activity Pack CTP1 Released”. And I did some try following the user guide. I am so interesting in the demo you showed in the image at the bottom of the blog. And could I get this demo source code as the example for WF 4.0 State Machine? Or is there a similar example I can get? Thank you very much!

  2. Guang Yang says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Glad to know you are interested in state machine. I have a great news for you, we are going to ship the final version of this WF state machine with .NET 4.0 PU1 next week. We've made a lot of improvements to it based on the feedback we got from the customers who have been using this CTP release.

    I would encourage you to wait till next week, download .NET 4.0 PU1 and play with the final version of state machine. We will also release a detail hands-on-lab material to show you how to use the state machine with source code.

    Stay tunned and search for .NET 4.0 PU1 next week. You will see some great stuff. Also if you have any suggestions or feedback about state machine or other WF features, please let us know.


  3. Maurice says:

    Hi Alan,

    I am trying to create some custom activities that  have connectors like the state machine. I’ve been trying to get some sample code and every forum I find a lead points me to the Activity pack that was released last year. Has it been taken off the codeplex site because it is now released as part of a .Net framework platform update?

    Would you happen to have any sample code to create activities with connectors?

    Thanks in advance.

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