Workflow Foundation 4.0 Activity Model (II)

In previous post I introduced WF4’s Activity model. In this section, I’m going to use 2 samples to demo 4 styles to create a custom Activity. How to build a leaf activity – HttpGet   Today HTTP based RESTful services are getting popular, so it might be useful to perform some basic HTTP operations in workflow….


Workflow Foundation 4.0 Activity Model (I)

Workflow as Activities If you have programmed with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), you should be very familiar with Activities. In WF, programs are defined by a tree of Activities. Some Activities are used to control the flow of program, like Sequence, If, and While; some Activities perform specific actions, like Assign, InvokeMethod and WriteLine; some…


A developer’s view of Workflow

A new programming language Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 offers many features to simplify business application development, deployment and management. In this post I’d like to explore workflow from a developer’s angle as a new programming language. WF has a lot of “new” features compared to mainstream industry languages like C\C++\Java\C#\VB. As a developer, I…