WCF in Romania

These days I'm in Romania with a tour at 3 universities (in Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi) talking about Windows Communication Foundation, distributed systems and web services. Adi Oltean is also talking about storage technologies in Windows.

So far the seminars were received really well and we made a lot of friends. I'm really pleased to be able to contribute to the adoption of WCF and to demonstrate the amazing value and power of WCF with its productivity, interoperability and extensibility features.

 More details at http://reg.studentclub.ro/RegisterForEvent.aspx?idEveniment=55 (in romanian).

 I would like to thank Todi Pruteanu for organizing these events.

Comments (3)

  1. I have attented the one in Bucharest 3 days ago and can’t stop WCF-ing ever since 😉

    The quality and quantity of information makes this tour a MUST-SEE, especially if you are passioned by software technology.

    Looking forward to the next seminaries!

    And thanks for answering questions too 🙂 It helped me a lot on .NET 2.0 using Transactions and TransactionScope to the full potential.

  2. Tudor Vlad says:

    Yes, excellent presentations!

    It’s nice to have the opportunity to learn directly from the persons who developed a technology.

    Thank you and waiting for the next presentations.

    Tudor Vlad

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  3. Valy's Blog says:

    În urmă cu maximum două săptămâni am preluat administrarea serverului IT Board. În urmă cu o săptămână

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