Comments for 90 days only

I’m getting way too much spam these days. I wanted to keep the comments open for ever so I can get your feedback at any time you wanted to send it to me. Unfortunately spam is consuming my time so I decided to limit the lifetime for comments to 90 days starting from the day…


Phase0 in .Net System.Transactions

In a previous post ( I talked about Phase0 and some useful things it allows you to do. Although not referred as Phase0, phase 0 features are available in .Net System.Transactions in two forms. Actually in three, but the third is a derivate. I will make many references here to the previous post on Phase0…


Our Own Forum is Now Live! Please Join Us at the "Transactions Programming Forum"

I’m really happy to announce that our own forum, dedicated to transactions in Windows and .Net is now live at The RSS feed for the forum is I hope that by having a forum that is dedicated to Transactions technologies we can build a better channel for our customers to get quick and…


Dedicated Site for Transactions on

In an effort to have a common place for all the transactions technologies we provide (and we started to have a good number of technologies that continues to grow), we have put together a webpage on dedicated to transactions. The address is:


MSDTC: The Magic of Phase Zero (Phase0) – Or – When Using 2PC Transactions Is Not Enough

The most known technique of implementing distributed transaction is the “two-phase commit” (2PC). Here is a quick summary of how this technique works:   – Active phase: After the transaction is created and before the “commit” message is issued by the creator, the transaction is in the “active” state. During this phase, resource managers can “enlist” and become…