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Indigo has its own forum now: forum is one more way in which you can interact with the Indigo team and its community.  See you there!


Why and When to use transactions?

Many people ask – do I need transactions? Why do I need them? When to use them? The answer is simple: use them all the time, unless you have a very good reason not to (for instance, don’t use atomic transactions for “long running activities” between businesses). The default should always be yes. You are…


SQL Server 2005 with COM+/DTC is first in a new TPC-C result

The new results posted by Dell running SQL Server 2005 with COM+/DTC tops TPC-C by Price/Performance with .99 US$ price/tpmC: I can’t wait to see some results with SQL Server 2005 combined with System.Transactions and our new “promotable transactions” (