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  1. bao says:

    At first I thought only NTFS was transactioned, but then came across a page mentioning transactioned registry. Is the transaction system generalized so that it can handle transactioning other types of resources? Is it possible for applications to plugin their own transactionable resources so that they get handled by system transaction APIs? It doesn’t even have to be a system-wide thing; it’d be neat if an app can add a transactionable resource at runtime for only that app.

    Sorry if my comment exhibits gross misunderstandings. I don’t know much about this 🙂

  2. Sahil Malik says:

    An example of IPromotableTransaction

  3. florinlazar says:

    To: bao

    The transactional system provided by System.Transactions and MSDTC is generalized to allow any type of resource to participate in a transaction. All you have to do is to implement one or two interfaces, enlist in the transaction and then participate in the 2PC protocol.

  4. Aileen says:

    DO I absolutely need to install MS DTC on my Windows 2003 – 2 server FAILOVER cluster? We did not install it initially and have been running for about a year now. We are getting ready to install SP1 and the docs we have found talk about installing MS DTC.

    Please Help!



  5. florinlazar says:

    To: Aileen

    Many apps/services are starting to take dependency on MSDTC. COM+, MSMQ, MS SQL Server all require an MSDTC working. I know of some instances where the Windows update installer will require a working MSDTC. Remember that on the cluster, MSDTC needs to be a clustered resource in order to function properly.  

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