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Indigo has its own forum now: forum is one more way in which you can interact with the Indigo team and its community.  See you there!


Why and When to use transactions?

Many people ask – do I need transactions? Why do I need them? When to use them? The answer is simple: use them all the time, unless you have a very good reason not to (for instance, don’t use atomic transactions for “long running activities” between businesses). The default should always be yes. You are…


SQL Server 2005 with COM+/DTC is first in a new TPC-C result

The new results posted by Dell running SQL Server 2005 with COM+/DTC tops TPC-C by Price/Performance with .99 US$ price/tpmC: I can’t wait to see some results with SQL Server 2005 combined with System.Transactions and our new “promotable transactions” (


Fast transactions with System.Transactions and Microsoft SQL Server 2000

The simplest way to use transactions today with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, using .Net Framework 2.0, is as follows:        static void Main(string[] args)        {            using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())            {                SqlConnection sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(“connectionString”);                sqlConnection.Open();                SqlCommand sqlCommand = new SqlCommand(“INSERT INTO …”, sqlConnection);                sqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();                sqlConnection.Close();                 ts.Complete();            }        } If you really…


MSDN Developer Guide for System.Transactions

The Visual Studio 2005 developer guide for System.Transactions is now available at,VS.80).aspx under MSDN Library\Visual Studio 2005\Product Documentation\Visual Studio\.Net Framework Programming in Visual Studio\Accessing Data\Transaction Processing.   It has three sections: Fundamentals, Writing a Transactional Application and Implementing a Resource Manager.   The System.Transactions namespace is defined at


How to run Windows Explorer as a different user (so I can do admin work)

As you probably know from my old posts, I log into my Windows computers with a normal user account (I’m not an Administrator and I’m not a Power User). I recently came across a nice switch for Windows Explorer: “/separate”. It allows me to run Windows Explorer in a separate process using different credentials, in…


DTCPing: Troubleshooting MSDTC Connectivity Issues

In today’s world, security hardening is causing many headaches to software developers and admins. Especially when you have an application that needs to go beyond the boundaries of the local machine. MSDTC is a distributed app by definition and thus, getting transacted app that uses MSDTC to work in your network is not as easy…


Transactions Sessions at PDC 2005

If you are at PDC this year, don’t forget to attend the sessions related to transactions. An easy way to find these sessions is to go to and search by Keyword=”transaction”.   I especially recommend the session called “FUN320 – Windows Vista & “Longhorn” Server: Improving Reliability Using System.Transactions and the Transactional NTFS and…


WS Specs for Transactions Updated

The WS specifications related to Transactions (WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity) have just been updated. They are available at


Indigo Transaction Samples

Some transaction related sample code using Indigo is shown at Assuming that you already have the latest released WinFX build installed ( ), you should also install the MSDTC hotfix from so that you can use the new WS-AtomicTransaction protocol. Andy shows the necessary steps to install it at