Enterprise Portal license required for workflows with dynamics Ax 2009

Dynamics Ax workflow does require the Enterprise Portal (EP) license. License changes since Dynamics Ax 4 can be found here.

Please double-check that the EP license is well configured when the BC.Net throws the following exception (can be found in the Windows application-EventLogs):

Session log on for Microsoft Dynamics failed.
Dynamics Adapter LogonAs failed.
on(String message, Exception exception, HandleExceptionCallback callback)
g user, String domain, NetworkCredential bcProxyCredentials, String company, String
language, String objectServer, String configuration)

Comments (2)

  1. skaue says:

    This also applies if you want to use business connector through IIS. I programmed a webservice that connects to AX through BC, and without Enterprise Portal Framework license, it was unable to Logon AX. I did not setup any Enterprise Portal users, just the framework.

  2. flo2005 says:

    Yes, you are completely right. The Workflow (WF) is hoted by the IIS and the communication is done by WebServices. So the same scenario…

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