IDynamicsAXExpressionBuilder returned error code 0x80131509 – reloaded

As I already wrote it in the update of that blog entry in my first posing about this issue:

The origin of this issue can be found in the method 'buildEnumerationXml' of the class 'SysExpression':

Currently, a loop iterates until the last element:

for (i = sysDictEnum.firstValue(); i <= sysDictEnum.lastValue(); i = sysDictEnum.nextValue(i)) 

I you replace this (sysDictEnum.lastValue(); ) by the number of elements (sysDictEnum.values();) the issue is solved.

[UPDATE 03/09/2009]

The hotfix for this bug has been published: KB974925 (Build: 5.0.1500.1255).

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