How to develop with multiple developers on an Enterprise Portal (Ax2009) application

Many partners asked if it would be possible to have just one Enterprise Portal Server (WSS3.0 or MOSS + EP components) for their EP-development as described in the following scheme:   The answer is no. Theoretically it would be possible to have one EP-server where each developer would have it’s own Web site with a…


3. Some important things for a X++ developer to know when writing C# code

3.1 Changing types (converting and casting) C# is an strongly-typed programming language (even if there are different opinions about this, but coding managed, safe code with C# will fit the definition of a strongly-typed programming language). I quote one definition from an article on Wikipedia: Most generally, "strong typing" implies that the programming language places…


1. The garbage collector in X++ and the CLR

I often hear from X++ developers, that the .Net garbage collector (GC) does not work correctly or that it isn’t as good as the one from Dynamics Ax because it is not known to you when objects are collected. This is of course nonsense not true and the reason will be exposed in this posting….


2. Exception handling in X++ and C#

Exceptions in Dynamics Ax are quite different than exceptions in .Net. Not only because of the type “System.Exception” and the way you are handling exceptions, but because of the different philosophy on handling exceptions, too. First of all I’d like to quote Jeffrey Richter’s (CLR in C#) definition of an exception: When an action member…


Why some Web services can’t be consumed ‘as is’ by referenced services in Ax 2009

Referenced services in Ax2009 are based on the .Net technology WCF and so it was for me pretty much clear, that it would be easy to integrate Microsoft’s MapPoint services, since they are ‘simple’ standard web services. Unfortunately I was wrong. Referenced Services in Ax2009 two limitations (until now). 1) By referencing the MapPoint services…


The CLR for X++ programmers

Dynamics Ax offers since Ax4 a .Net support (BC.Net, EP and CLR objects with X++). As a matter of fact .Net will have a more and more important influence on Dynamics Ax since .Net is the glue of the Microsoft product stack. Sharepoint, BizTalk, SQL Server, Analysis Services, Microsoft Project, Workflow Foundation, … all these…