A foreach statement for IObservable

Asynchronous programming is a very powerful tool. It is key for responsiveness on the client, and scalability on the server (see the C10K problem). However in most modern programming languages, it comes at a pretty high price: when you want to consume the result of an asynchronous operation, you have to provide a callback function…

Task<T> vs IObservable<T>: when to use what?

The Task<T> class was integrated with the .NET Framework in .NET 4.0, as part of what is known as the Task Parallel Library. The main purpose of the TPL was to facilitate writing parallel code, making it easier to run code on multiple cores, for instance. That is why the class itself was called Task,…


Git on the cloud with Windows Azure

Here are the four parts of the walkthrough I wrote about using a Linux virtual machine on Windows Azure for hosting a Git repository on the cloud: Introduction Provisionning a virtual machine on Windows Azure Setting up the server Configuring your client