Processing Xml Data in SQL Server

Processing Xml Data in SQL Server. The below code demonstrates the use of xml data as input and converting xml data into temporary table. Declare @xmlData xml = ‘<Root><ParentElement GuidanceKitId=”4ffbfee7-0878-4c67-9003-89e0b29b4684″ LocaleId=”920″></ParentElement><ParentElement GuidanceKitId=”d65ddd7d-cb99-e111-96e5-00155d16e526″ LocaleId=”123″></ParentElement></Root>’ DECLARE @handle INT;   EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument @handle OUTPUT, @xmlData; SELECT cast(GuidanceKitId as uniqueidentifier) GuidanceKitId, cast(LocaleId as int) LocaleId, 5 GuidanceKitRowId — Constant…


JavaScript Basics

  Getting Id of the Checkbox in JavaScript The below code snippet demonstrates toggling : On selecting one checkbox the other checkbox if selected gets unselected and vice-versa. 1: <script type="text/javascript" language=javascript> 2:  3: function fn() { 4: var checkbox = document.getElementById(‘<%= cbx1.ClientID %>’); 5: if (checkbox != null && checkbox.checked == true) { 6:…


Enabling Win 7 Desktop Experience on Windows Server 2008

  The below steps explain enabling Win 7 look and feel on Windows Server 2008.   Step 1: Go to  Start Button –> Right click on Computer –> Click on Properties –> Click on Advanced System Settings on right side.     System Properties window will open. On Advanced Tab click on Settings button for…


SharePoint Site Provisioning with SharePoint Object Model

  The below code can be re-used as is for creating any number of Site Collections and Sub sites. The code is provided for two of the scenarios: Case 1: Creating Site Collection and Sub Sites Inside It Case 2: Adding Sub Site to already existing Site Collection/Sub Site   Step 1: Microsoft.SharePoint DLL should…


Information Rights Management (IRM): There was a problem when trying to find the enterprise Rights Management Services (RMS) server

  We had a data migration project where we had to migrate the data from Documentum to SharePoint. During content uploading (documents) to the Document Library an error used to get logged in ULS logs with  the below details: “Information Rights Management (IRM): There was a problem when trying to find the enterprise Rights Management Services (RMS) server….