Configuring IIS Smooth Streaming and Application Request Routing Disk Caching.

  I recently worked with a customer who was looking at using IIS Smooth Streaming as their Content Distribution mechanism. They also wanted to use ARR Disk Caching to cache the content on the ARR Tier to prevent round trips to the Smooth Streaming Server. (Editors note: This was all pre-recorded content and so caching…

Sometimes Friday will be Link Day.

Hi, Every now and then instead of an in-depth post I might post some links which I’ve shared with my team during the week or that has been sent to me. So here goes. 1) Robert McMurrary has a very good post on using the FTP 7.5 Extensibility to Dynamically restrict IP Addresses.  Using FTP…

Catching up on my Blog reading

After my extended break I’ve been catching up on my blog reading and I’ve come across some interesting posts which I’d like to share with you. Commerce Posts. Ryan Donovan has completed an interesting series on the Architecture behind Commerce 2007. He has a wrap up post here and the entire series is tagged here….

Introduction to the Secure FTP Server 7.0 in Windows 2008

I’ve been working with this a lot recently and thought I’d share some of what I found with you. You’ll see that I’ll refer a lot to Robert McMurray’s post as he is the Program Manager for this feature in the IIS product team. First of all you can download the release version from….


Using the Microsoft Web Application Installer.

This is a follow on from my last post on the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. If you haven’t read that post then go ahead and read it and I’ll wait here. Welcome back! Once again I am using my Hyper-V Windows 2008 64 Bit image. Then I go to and download the Microsoft Web…


Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

You may have heard about the new tools available for getting up and running quickly on IIS 7 on Windows 2008. Bill Staples talks about this here. So I thought I’d try these tools out and see how my experience goes. So first I set up a Windows Server 2008 64 Bit Image on my…


Introductions and what I’ll be talking about.

Hello, My name is Finbar Ryan and I am an Escalation Engineer in Microsoft Support. I support Internet Information Server and Commerce Server primarily.You may already know some of my European colleagues who blog. Doug Tess Nico I’ve been in Microsoft for nearly 10 years and in that time I’ve supported FrontPage, Windows NT, Site Server…