How to stay up to date on Web Technology?

I recently came across this presentation and I think it highlights that it’s possible to stay up to date on the fast moving world that is Web Development and Design.

There are lots of little hints and tips in there about blogs to read, emails to sign up and the amazing Web Design communities that exist out there.

I have also been playing a little with some of the online tools like
This is an online editor to enable you to prototype Web Design configurations.
An online CSS Editor Platform to play around with prototyping.

I also love these Blog Sites.

And finally the Web Platform site is where all of the vendors are coming together to build a better web.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Thank you for posting these links – I have not seen these sites before and they really are going to save me countless hours with Notepad building silly little "test.html" files and hitting Refresh in the browser!

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