Friday Link List 26th of April 2013.

As I mentioned before I will intermittently post a number of links I find interesting on the topics I am working on.

Windows Azure Web Sites.

Would you like to publish your Web Site from Dropbox?
Well now you can as discussed at 

Scott Hanselman talks about the new Log Stream functionality at 

Vishal Joshi introduces Web Matrix 3 Preview and how it integrates with Windows Azure Web Sites.

From AzureConf this week we have these 2 great videos.

Windows Azure Web Sites - Things They Don't Teach Kids in School

From Collocated Servers to Windows Azure Web Sites in Three Days


General Developer Links

SignalR Tutorial

Getting Symbols and Source with Asp.Net Nightly builds

Maoni Stephens talks about CLR GC at

The Vanilla Web Diet talk from AngleBrackets.Org

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