Commerce Server 2007 Training Resources.

One of the questions I am commonly asked is "Where can I learn more about Commerce Server?".

I mentioned this topic briefly on my post Starting to look at Commerce Server.

So if you're new to Commerce Server where can you start?

The first place I would start is the Commerce Server Developer Center on MSDN.

The documentation for Commerce Server 2007 covers a lot of the basic concepts and ideas that you will need to know around the main Commerce Server Systems.

Introducing Commerce Server 2007

Then we can start to look at the concepts of each of the Commerce Server 2007 systems.

Concepts of the Catalog System
Concepts of the Inventory System
Concepts of the Marketing System
Concepts of the Orders System
Concepts of the Profiles System
Concepts of the Biz Talk Adapters

The Deployment sections of the documentation is also invaluable for understanding how to configure Commerce Server.

Building Commerce Server Deployments

I would then recommend viewing the following Webcasts.

Catalog System Development
Order System Development
Profiles System Development
Commerce Server 2007 Architectural Deep Dive

The other question I often receive is "Where's the Commerce Server 2007 book?".

Well there's a story behind this and I will let Wade explain this on his blog.

Update on the Commerce Server book

The Commerce Server blog ( advertises upcoming training from time to time and so please keep an eye out.

For example Upcoming Commerce Server training.

I hope you found this list of resources useful and enjoy reading about Commerce Server 2007!

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