The Fiddler Community

With a development team of one, Fiddler is in many ways a product of the rich community and ecosystem that has developed over the last six years. While I try to keep the official site updated, there are many other outlets to take advantage of when looking for Fiddler-related news, help, and tools.

The primary user-to-user support site is the Fiddler Discussion Group. When hunting for even more Fiddler Q&A, you should check out StackOverflow (development-related), ServerFault (server-admin related), or SuperUser (regular end-user). From time-to-time, Fiddler Tweets appear on Twitter, and there’s a Fiddler Fans Page on Facebook. I’m sure there are other resources as well, but these are the ones that I routinely check out.

Beyond tutorials and Q&A, many in the community have stepped up to write Fiddler add-ons, a few of which you can find listed on the Fiddler Extensions page. Many of these add-ons are tremendously powerful and address a specific niche—testing security or performance, for instance. If you know of a broadly useful extension I haven’t listed, please let me know about it!

However, perhaps the most valuable product of the Fiddler Community has been the feedback which has shaped Fiddler itself. This feedback takes two major forms: Bug Reports, and Feature Requests.

  • Bug Reports (especially those that contain exception information or other reproduction steps) are tremendously valuable as they help ensure that Fiddler remains of high-quality. Such reports are even more valuable when reported from the beta version, so that I can fix problems before they make it into the release version.
  • Feature Requests usually take a while longer to bear fruit, but perhaps have an even greater impact—most of Fiddler’s most powerful and interesting features were built as a result of one or more (often more) users requesting a feature that would help them use Fiddler in their daily work.

So, to all of you in the Fiddler Community—thanks for helping to build a better Fiddler!



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