How to modify Workflow Manager Connection String

There are certain situations that might require you to modify the default WFM connection string (WFManagementDB, WFResourceManagementDB or WFInstanceManagementDBs ), such as SQL databases need to be moved/renamed, wanted to add ‘Failover Partner’ attribute for Mirroring support, etc. As an example, let’s imagine that we want to modify WFM connection string to add “Failover Partner” attribute…

Error publishing a SharePoint workflow into Workflow Manager: exceeds the maximum number of arguments

Symptom You are trying to deploy into Workflow Manager a SharePoint Workflow 2013 from SharePoint designer, but you got the following error: “Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityValidationException: Workflow XAML failed validation due to the following errors: Activity ‘DynamicActivity’ has XX arguments, which exceeds the maximum number of arguments per activity (50). HTTP headers received from the server – ActivityId:76d43779-6288-4623-bbc9-df7b33b33e21….


How to modify retention duration for Workflow Instances completed in Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager implements several System workflows to make sure that WFM databases are working healthy. By default, ‘Completed’ and ‘Terminated’ workflow instances are purged from “WFInstanceManagementDB”  database after 30:00:00:00 days (DD:HH:MM:SS ). If you need to modify that default behavior, you should execute below steps: a)      Open a WFM PowerShell command. b)      Execute below powershell cmdlet….


You receive "The file ‘SI_IN_Common’ cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ‘PCW_CAB_BPID’" while installing WFM 1.0 CU2

Recently I came across a couple of cases where next error was shown when trying to install WFM 1.0 CU2 by using an offline installation ( ,instead of Web Platform Installer) Product: Workflow Manager 1.0 — Error 1334. The file ‘SI_IN_Common’ cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ‘PCW_CAB_BPID’. This…


How to resume SharePoint Workflows Hosted in Workflow Manager

If you have SharePoint workflows suspended in Workflow Manager for whatever reason (it was executed an explicit “Suspended” activity, an unexpected exception within the workflow, etc), you can resume these suspended messages as described below: Note:  To check the number of suspended workflow instances for a specific Workflow definition, as well as the reason of…


How to retrieve state information about workflows executed by Workflow Manager

If you need to retrieve internal state for workflows executed by Workflow Manager, regardless if they were launched from SharePoint or any other .NET application,  to figure out for example: Why a workflow was suspended or terminated: How long did it take The value of a specific MappedVariables, Etc. You can do at least in 3…

How to update OutboundCertificate in Workflow Manager (and SharePoint)

Outbound certificate is used to sign the security token portion of a HTTP activity, which includes the claims of the user that instantiates the workflow. This is used for securing communications between workflows and external REST services such as SharePoint, WCF, etc. There are certain situations where you might need to update the Outbound certificate…