How to Move the BizTalk ESB Databases

Databases sometimes need to be moved to different SQL Servers for a variety of reason: faster performance, scale out among different SQL Instances/Servers, disaster recovery, etc. The procedure below describes how to move BizTalk ESB databases to another SQL location (Server or instance). Note: The same basic procedure can also be used to move the…


BizTalk MQSeries Adapter starts to fail after upgrading IBM MQ to version 8

I’ve recently came across  a couple of similar cases due to the same reason so I decided to create this post Context You have BizTalk 2013 with HIS 2013 CU3, or higher version. Note: This is the first BizTalk Version supporting MQ v8. You are using BizTalk MQSeries Adapter, and hence having Microsoft BizTalk MQAgent installed in…


PowerShell cmdlets to manage Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machines

If you were looking for an easy way to programmatically manage your Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machines within your Azure Subscription, this is definitely the right place. The initial version of this script allows you to STOP/START/CHECK your ARM Virtual Machines within your Azure subscription, filtering by specific(s) Resource Group(s) or individual Virtual Machines…


Considerations while planning High Availability for Windows Service Bus

I’ve recently been asked few questions related to Load Balancer in Windows Service Bus (WSB), and it seems to me there is quite confusion between High Availability and Scalability in WSB. I decided to write down this article to try to clarify when and why it is recommended to use a Load Balance in front…


You receive “Installation cannot be performed” when trying to install Microsoft BizTalk 2013 R2 Accelerator for HL7

Symptom You get the following error message when trying to install Microsoft BizTalk 2013 R2 Accelerator for HL7: “Error: Installation cannot be performed because the BizTalk server has not been configured or user account is not a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators group.”   Possible causes 1.     Confirm that user executing Microsoft BizTalk 2013…


How to modify Workflow Manager Connection String

There are certain situations that might require you to modify the default WFM connection string (WFManagementDB, WFResourceManagementDB or WFInstanceManagementDBs ), such as SQL databases need to be moved/renamed, wanted to add ‘Failover Partner’ attribute for Mirroring support, etc. As an example, let’s imagine that we want to modify WFM connection string to add “Failover Partner” attribute…


Error publishing a SharePoint workflow into Workflow Manager: exceeds the maximum number of arguments

Symptom You are trying to deploy into Workflow Manager a SharePoint Workflow 2013 from SharePoint designer, but you got the following error: “Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityValidationException: Workflow XAML failed validation due to the following errors: Activity ‘DynamicActivity’ has XX arguments, which exceeds the maximum number of arguments per activity (50). HTTP headers received from the server – ActivityId:76d43779-6288-4623-bbc9-df7b33b33e21….


How to modify Windows Service Bus Connection string in an existing Service Bus Farm

If you have an already configured  Service Bus Farm, and you need to modify some or all of the Service Bus Connection strings (Gateway, SBFarm and Message Containers ) for whatever reason, such as SQL databases have been moved/renamed, wanted to add ‘Failover Partner’ attribute for Mirroring support, etc. please follow below steps (no information…


"Service Bus Message Broker" service takes 5 minutes to start

Symptom: You have Service Bus 1.0/1.1 installed in a Service Bus Farm. You observe a five minutes delay when you restart Service Bus Farm Services (by executing “SB-StopFarm” and “SB-StartFarm”) In Microsoft-ServiceBus Operational Windows log several Informational messages like below are shown:  Windows Fabric Runtime create failed (Retries left 6) Exception System.TimeoutException: Operation timed out. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException:…


Performance counters for BizTalk isolated host are not shown

Symptom: You cannot see any BizTalk Performance counters for a specific BizTalk Isolated Host Possible cause: 1. BizTalk Performance counters are just shown for Active Biztalk Process: • [In-process] BizTalk services running • [Isolated] Hosting process running with BizTalk information loaded, so that it is linked with Biztalk receive locations. Note: If you are using any BizTalk…