Encapsulating Enumeration

While writing a unit test for a particular feature, I was faced with an interesting problem. My unit test has different scenarios. These scenarios test that a certain data item is propagated all the way down from the called function. For eg, I have a method that I need to test – lets call it…


Attaching VS to a process on startup.

I have been stumped from time to time on how to attach VS debuggers to a process on process startup. I knew how to do it with Windbg, by setting ImageFileExecutionOptions for the target process. However I did not know how to do it for VS. Well, I need to fret no more. A colleague…

Printers are watching you!

Someone sent me a link which talks about how printers are embedding tracking information in pages that they print. Spooky! http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1093&e=4&u=/pcworld/20041122/tc_pcworld/118664