Restore error: "There are no more files" + COM error 0x80070012

I was recently doing an stsadm –o restore to restore a backup and was able to successfully move my production site collection backup to test.  When i went to the site it mostly worked with the exception of one subsite.  One subsite was returning a COM error "There are no more files" with a COM error code 0x80070012.

When i investigated it more most of the site was working with the exception of the Pages.  My guess was that the pages lost their association to the Page Layouts when i moved the site. 

I solved this by deleting all of the pages and recreating them. 

Hope this helps someone. 

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  1. Lucas Pacarere (Argentina) says:


    this maybe can help me. but how did you deleted all pages and recreating them?

    Thank you for all!

  2. shawnfel says:

    you might want to try restoring from sql backup instead of stsadm backups, this worked for me after i initially encountered this problem.  I had a utility that was capable of recreating my pages which i’m guesing you don’t have.  

  3. Paul Norris says:


    What utility did you use to recreate the pages? I’m in the same position. I restored files to sharepoint a few months ago. Only recently we found corrupted entries. Unfortunately, the old restore files have been since overwritten. How do I recreate?



  4. shawnfel says:

    I built my own utility that was xml based and had an xml map of what web parts are where.  It only worked since i had originally created all the pages as part of a development effort.  Have you tried restoring from SQL backup?  That ended up working for me and i didn’t have to run my "custom built" utility.  

  5. Paul Norris says:


    I take a weekly full farm backup, then nightly site backups. These are on a weekly rotation. One of my users deleted tonnes of information and I ran a site restore using stsadm -o restore function. Everything appeared to be fine. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, that some links to files nested in a document library had invalid links in that I realised there was a problem. Unfortunately, the full farm and nightly backups have since been overwritten by recent backups. So, up the smelly creak without a paddle at the moment.

    Thanks for the reply though. Any other thoughts I’d love to hear.

  6. Hello All

    Last week I got the same Error while restoren a Sitebackup (via stsadm) on my Developmentserver. A whole Subsite was inkonsistent und produced Errors like "There is no file with URL…". After lots of investigation I found the error in the Relationshipslinklist due to lots of Misconfiguration in the GroupID-Column. After I corrected these I could restore a fresh backup without any problems!

    Hope it helps (well the thread maybe outdated but could help others as well)



  7. SpeedMaxPc says:

    I got this message about 3 days ago and I freaked, thinking "all my work" was gone, years of research lol and…I know, I know..I should have backed up anyways, but wasn't smart enough until after this incident. Luckyly this is just a minor error and I got it fixed rather quickly. I think it was a message from above telling me to backup my docs lol!!!

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