Automating Report Deployment in Reporting Services in SharePoint Integration Mode Revisited

I had made a previous post with a small code sample on how to upload report deployment. 

Now I'm improving that post with a new sample that will automate the report deployment based on an xml file.  I will utilize a file called ReportsDefinition.xml to upload the reports to a document library within SharePoint.  The Reports will be upload from a directory within the feature directory.  I've included a sample Reports Definition file and sample reports to show you how it works.  Read the ReportsDefinitionDataSet.xsd to see what each parameter does. 

I'm using the WSP builder project to create a WSP.  You can utilize the WSP file to deploy you're code.

Updated Link: 

Sample Code is here -

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  1. shawnfel says:

    I built this for a client, i thought it was pretty useful.  i also had a lot of people ask questions about my samples.

    just a couple of questions

    Does RSBuild support RS in sharepoint integration mode (thats key)?

    does it auto hookup all the data sources which never deploy correctly to the reports library?  

    can it add columns to the SharePoint document library?

  2. Juergen says:

    Hi Shawn,

    nice coding, thanks! Indeed I played a little bit with the solution you suggested in your former post and found it very useful – still I feel a little uneasy bypassing the Sharepoint layer when uploading. I am too insecure about the synchronization process between MOSS and the report server database.

    My question: Does Microsoft encourage this way of report deployment via the ReportService2006.asmx when in Sharepoint integrated mode?

    Thanks and cheers,


  3. shawnfel says:

    Thx. Definitely appreciate your comments.  These are the APIs that are provided by the product team.  The fact that the web services are deployed within SharePoint should indicate that this is the ideal way to programattically upload reports.  When I initially wrote this code i posed alot of questions back to the internal distribution lists (that the product team is a part of) because it wasn’t easy to figure out how to hook the reports back up to the datasources once they were uploaded.  I will say no one came out and said i shouldn’t be accessing the Reports in this way.  Hope that helps.  


  4. Gordon Duthie says:

    I’ve manage to deploy your solution and activate it to a sub site.

    Firstly, I created a directory SamplesReportsLibrary, which i added all the Reports content types to.

    I added the two columns, defined as required fields in the ReportsDefinition.xm file,

    , ReportID and ReportCategory to the document library.  However, i still see no reports. Any idea where i’m going wrong?  

  5. shawnfel says:

    I probably didn’t explain it that well, but the project will create the samplereportslibrary for you with the columns based on the reportsdefinition.xml file.  It will also add the content type.  So in the feature directory, does the reportorigination folder exist and does it have any reports in it?  Are there any errors in the event log? Have you been able to debug the code?  

    Can you send me your feature directory in a zip file?  if you email me using this link  i’ll send you my email.  

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