Cloud Design Patterns – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Skin

Since a lot of people are asking me the sources of my Surface Pro 3 skin, I am publishing it. It’s not a professional or an official Surface skin, but it is based on the Cloud Design Patterns, from Patterns & Practices. You can print it using online services such as SkinIt, you just have…


Storage Blobs, Queues and Table… in 100 lines of code.

This simple console application is an example of how Azure Storage can be used. It is basically Downloading the latest Bing image, Uploading it to a blob storage, Signaling the new upload to a queue, Accepting the message Generating Thumbnail Uploading the thumbnail to the blob storage Updating a row in a table storage, with…


Using AzureCodename thru PowerShell

Just a little snippet here… in case some want to use the service with their devops setup, I released a webAPI yesterday. $codename = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method Get; Write-Output $codename Codename                      Name                                       WebsiteAvailable              ComputeAvailable ——–                      —-                                       —————-              —————- disgustedirwin                disgusted Irwin                                        True                          True Write-Output $codename.Codename disgustedirwin   Website: webAPI: -f.


Azure Codename generator, because you’ll never be as creative.

When trying Azure, you will be asked to enter a name… for website, VMs, storage etc. This name must be unique (I mean, worldwide unique) and will be used as URI. I have always struggle to find a good name. Do we have to use company name? Is the project name relevant? And for test,…


I’m Not ISO, You Want to Be ISO, We Can All Be ISO

Everybody has heard of ISO standards. Some because they have seen the ISO 9002 symbol suspended on a flag in front of a manufacturing facility, some because they are using ISO files, other, slightly geekier folks may be familiar with the ISO -8859-1 standard, and lastly, photographers may have noticed the ISO label on cameras…


Center of Excellence vs Competency Center

When a project or initiative becomes an enterprise class initiative, it’s time to create some level of governance around it. Usually an organization has sets of practices and standards that it can follow. But how do we operationalize these practices and standards to ensure the initiative realizes its short, medium and long-term objectives and goals?…


We Are Doing Daily Standups, So We Are Agile

Daily standups are a really good practice, even if a team is not using an agile methodology. But let’s try to clarify things, because the statement “We are doing daily standups, so we are Agile” is a little confusing. What is a Daily Standup? A daily scrum is one of the most hands-on activities of…


Why being SMART?

The Importance of Being S.M.A.R.T. Many methodologies are trying to align technology related-activities to the purely business activities. With Premier (forgive my non-subtle link to the Microsoft Premier Services), we are using PSDM (Premier Service Delivery Methodology), which is essentially anchoring activities with the real value provided to the business. With PSDM, we are defining…


The Evolution of Authentication

Authentication versus Authorization Authentication is often confused with authorization. I’ve even heard of an eCommerce course wherein the teacher was using both terms as if they were interchangeable. In fact, there is a huge difference between them. Authentication is used to authenticate a user with confidential information known only by the user. After the user…


The Value Style

Today, software developers have a slew of alternatives. Many technologies are available, and making the right choice is always a challenge. Azure? WCF/.NET? Web 2.0? … Access? Why choose one architecture rather than another? All too often, I find people wielding the "Golden Hammer" – the tool of greatest familiarity. When you really understand a…