Accessing Excel files on a x64 machine

In the old times while all the CPUs were 32bit, we were happily using JET OLEDB Provider reaching Excel or MDB files for long time without any issues. After we started using x64 CPUs and x64 Windows machines, we noticed that JET OLEDB Provider is not working. The reason for this was x64 Windows operating…


Why the breakpoints that I set in my “Script Task” (not “Script Component” in the Data Flow *) never hits ?

  Why the breakpoints that I set in my “Script Task” (not “Script Component” in the Data Flow *) never hits ? On a Windows 2008 x64 machine, you’re running SQL Server 2008 x64. Let’s say you added a single “Script Task”; you wrote a very simple MessageBox.Show(“Hello World”); line and put a breakpoint to…


Why my 32 bit applications cannot see the ODBC DSNs that I created on my 64 bit machine ?

As we all database developers know that a ODBC DSN is an entry that we created through “ODBC Data Source Administrator” that we reached from Start/Control Panel/AdministrativeTools  or typing “odbcad32” from Start/Run . On a 64bit machine when you run “ODBC Data Source Administrator” and created an ODBC DSN, actually you are creating an ODBC…


Where’s my good old friend DataSet visualizer ?

  The Visual Studio is the primal IDE for developping .NET applications. Especially its debugging features makes it more powerful.  One of those feature is the “Visualizer”s. Visualizers are UI components to show the content of some complex objects when debugging. The best example is the built-in “DataSet Visualizer”. Let’s assume you put a breakpoint…


New tool: "Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server" is ready to resolve your Kerberos/Connectivity issues

  You can download “Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server” from here    Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server is a diagnostic tool that helps troubleshoot Kerberos related connectivity issues with SQL Server. Kerberos authentication provides a highly secure method to authenticate client and server entities (security principals) on a network.  To use…


Basics first : "UDL Test"

When an application failed with a database/datasource connectivity problem, the first thing to check is if the box really cannot connect to the database/datasource using a “generic” way. The simplest technique is “UDL Test” using the OLE DB providers installed on the box . For example, if the application is failing to connect to a SQL…


“UDL Test” on a 64 bit machine

“UDL Test” on a 64 bit machine Let’s say you’ve started playing with UDL files on your “32 bit” machine and this tiny little UDL files helped you to identify connectivity issues or you’ve easily obtained the OLE DB connection strings for your applications. So far so good. But one day, you followed the same procedure…


Why my 64bit adplus.vbs is failing with "Error: 76 – Path not found" ?

I haven’t touched much about debugging but I admit that sometimes you have no other chance than analyzing a post-mortem dump or live dump to troubleshoot a problem. Our “Debugging Tools for Windows” package comes with a very hand VBScript : “adplus.vbs”. It simplifies lots of things for us. I was working on a customer scenario….