Error when remote debugging Azure Cloud Service "There was a failure to launch the remote debugger"

Error when remote debugging Azure Cloud Service "There was a failure to launch the remote debugger"

I recently saw an issue when trying to do remote debugging, we got the following error: "There was a failure to launch the remote debugger"

Steps Taken:
1.We setup another machine in Azure and installed Visual Studio. We were able to successfully attach the debugger to Azure Cloud Service process and do remote debugging.
This step proves whether it is a client side issue or a problem with the way you have configured remote debugger in your Azure role.

2. The above step proved that the problem was either with the client machine or the firewall.
--The debugger uses ports 30400-30424 and 31400-31424
--The incoming request comes on a different port than the outgoing request.Some firewalls will not allow new incoming request on a different port.

Remote Debugging feature was released in Azure SDK 2.2. 

The following articles describe how the remote debugging works and how to configure it.


Comments (3)

  1. Steve Keller says:

    I'm using the latest Azure SDK 2.4 with VS 2013 Update 3 and still having issues.  Is there any trace or logging that can be enabled to provide a better idea what is going wrong?

  2. RobinDotNet says:

    I am using VS2013 Update 4 with Azure SDK 2.4 and I'm getting this error, and have yet to find any way to fix it. Turning off the firewall on my machine (in case the port issue was a problem) didn't work. Any other ideas would be welcome.

  3. SteveK - Citrix says:

    For others experiencing issue there are several additional things that I have learned.  

    1. Make sure that you are on the same machine that published the package OR ensure you have the debugging certificate on the system you are using.

    2. Make sure that you have deployed a debug version of the service, if it is not you will not be able to attach the debugger.

    3. One of the Blog posts indicated that ports 30400-30424 were used for VS 2012 when debugging a worker role; however, I'm using VS 2013 debugging a Cloud Service.

    After making the appropriate adjustments to the firewall rules, my team and I have been able to successfully debug.

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