Welcome to HIMSS

Well, here we are in Orlando and things are a-hoppin’. The sheer size of this conference is unbelievable to me — the Microsoft booth is about as big as my house. It’s a pretty surreal atmosphere as everybody tries to sell everything to everybody else. On the upside, I have gotten to visit EPCOT a…


Opening up the Vault

I’ve been looking forward to writing this entry for quite awhile. We have been frankly thrilled by the reception that HealthVault has enjoyed since our launch just a few months ago. We’ve taken a few legitimate lumps over “v1” usability issues (fixes coming!) — but almost universally what we’re hearing is that folks see HealthVault…


Momentum: Connectivity and "Direct-to-Clinical"

Data connectivity is key to HealthVault’s ultimate success. Before people can do great things with consolidated health information, they have to have consolidated health information. Many great consumer-focused efforts in health fail — not because they aren’t potentially super-valuable, but because they force users to manually enter their information and keep it up to date….


Getting Started

First off, who am I, and what am I doing here. My name is Sean. I’m thirty-eight years old, weigh more than I should, have a remarkable family, try to visit Disney theme parks at least twice a year, tend to vote Libertarian, and cried (just a little) when the Red Sox won the World…