Your feedback at work, making HealthVault better!

A lot of the work we’ve been doing in the HealthVault team lately has been behind-the-scenes stuff … in particular, trying to make it really easy for application and device developers to reach a worldwide audience with a minimum of effort. This is harder than you might think — the HealthVault service is a complex…


Take a (virtual) summer trip with GetFit RoadTrip!

MSN used to host a pretty popular HealthVault app called RouteTracker. The idea was pretty simple — apply your real world activity to a “virtual trip” anywhere on the globe. The app let you follow your progress on an interactive map, view local news and pictures, and so on. It also had some basic competition…


Tons of Awesome from Kansas City today!

I woke up today in beautiful La Jolla, California … not right on the beach but close enough to hear the seagulls and smell the surf in the air. With this at one end and the mountains of the Northwest at the other … it’s pretty hard to imagine me ever leaving the West Coast….


Health & Fitness in Windows 8.1!

Finally today, we’ve started talking more about Windows 8.1 and shared a preview version at the Build conference in San Francisco. There are a ton of changes squeezed into this drop — amongst other things, I have to admit that as an old man somewhat set in my ways, I’m looking forward to the return…


Another reason HealthVault rocks: safer summers!

My daughter is back from college and my son is in the throes of final exams — just trying to hold on for that last push before a few months of freedom. The weather has turned awesome, I’m riding the scooter to work and Lara’s sundresses are out of the closet — woo hoo for…


Personal Health Information Exchange: the only real answer to interoperability

A few weeks ago, I posted (be sure to check out the comments, I’ll explain why later) about how using HealthVault as a personal health information exchange can address the problems of identity matching and consent for movement of data. It’s a powerful model and every day I get more convinced that it’s the right…


Datapalooza has gotten Datapa-huge-a!

Get it? Look, you have to cut me some slack on the title there; this is our fourth year and it’s getting hard to come up with new titles for HDI conference posts: Year 1: CHDI and Amalga — two great tastes that taste great together! Year 2: Double the Inspiration! Year 3: Check out…


Great fun — and a $10k challenge — at Health:Refactored

I just got back from a great couple of days at the Health:Refactored conference — a new show put on by the Health 2.0 folks that brings a slightly more technical bent than your typical “Healthcare IT” conference. The Computer History Museum was a great venue (check out my picture of a real life Cray-1……


What’s the story with HealthVault on Android?

Super quick post because it’s just too much text to put into a tweet. 😉 We get the question a lot — with the HealthVault iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 8 mobile apps — what’s the story with Android? Because we’re both app and platform, there are a few dimensions to the answer:   1….


Love the code; Love the crawfish!

Good very early morning from gate 1 at Lafayette Regional Airport, waiting for my flight home after a great visit to the second annual Cajun Codefest. As I gushed last year, this is a truly special place with a combination of awesomeness that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. If you can gauge enthusiasm by the…