Talking to the feds about VDT

Last week I had the privilege to speak to the Information Exchange Workgroup of the HIT Policy Committee about our experiences with the “View, Download and Transmit” requirement in Meaningful Use Stage 2. Even though I (HealthVault) was the only consumer service represented at the session, I was struck with just how clearly the common…


Super-enthused about Blue Button in pharmacies… I think

As the old saw goes, we were Blue Button before Blue Button was cool. We were part of the Markle workgroup where the concept was born, and at the very first Community Health Data Initiative conference we demonstrated how veterans could upload their BB files into HealthVault to share with other providers and use with…


Tell us how to make HealthVault better, get goodies….

One of the big changes to the HealthVault team over the last few years is that we’ve built out an incredible, small but mighty group focused exclusively on making HV-based experiences great. If you’re a long-time user or follower, you’ve seen things they’ve done like the Weight Management dashboard, our Windows 8 app, improvements to…


OK, now we’re getting somewhere!

For most of us, the doctor we picture in our head is pretty different from the one that HIT vendors sell to. Most of the love goes to big health systems like Kaiser and Mayo that can afford to spend ridonkulous amounts of money on technology. It’s one of those classic self-reinforcing problems too, because…


MS-HUG awards time again … bring it!

Every year at HIMSS the Microsoft Health Users Group awards their innovation awards. Past winners have been pretty awesome — of course I’m partial to some of the HealthVault-based winners like Heart360 and SkinScan, but from top to bottom we see great entries. Key requirements: the solution should be in play in the real world (not just…


How we spent our holiday vacation at HealthVault

Our most recent HealthVault release dropped to production right at the end of November, which left us with a bit of an awkward period of time before starting in earnest on the next one. With hundreds of different apps connecting to HealthVault, we always find an issue or two that doesn’t show up in our…


Headed to the gym? Stay motivated with new awesome from Precor and HealthVault!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to not pile onto the torrent of “resolutions” blog posts and tweets. 😉 But it’s late enough in the month, and our news with Precor is awesome enough, that I think I’m justified in sharing. So check this out: CES: Gym Equipment Links To Microsoft HealthVault For the…


Woo Hoo … it’s a pilot party!

Speaking of a bias for action…. Just a few weeks ago I was down in San Diego visiting with a great group of people to discuss how to best light up patient-based Direct messaging for a set of pilot projects organized by the National Association for Trusted Exchange. It was a great conversation filled with people…


A Tale of Two Cities

Quite a week — from Seattle to DC to Seattle to Edmonton to Seattle — and can finally give belated thanks for no more travel in 2013! Especially given that it was, no joke, -22F degrees in Edmonton before wind chill. Yowza. Happy to be back home where our cold snap is feeling downright balmy….


HealthVault: Certified Awesome.

Update December 2013 — the team has put together a great document with all the details required to integrate solutions with HealthVault to take advantage of our certification; you can find it on our MSDN site here. —S EHRs aren’t the solution to our healthcare problems. But they are a necessary step on the journey,…