An incredible eight years, aka “the best summer sausage ever”

Usually words come easily to me. When it’s time to write something, I’ll think about it a bit in the shower or on a drive, and then it just kind of happens. Not so this time. I’ve been staring at this empty Word doc for a few days trying to figure it out. Finally concluded…


HealthVault as a Personal HIE

Yesterday my colleague Dr. Bill Crounse wrote a great blog post about how — perhaps — we could accelerate progress in health data sharing by “starting over” with a patient-centric approach. This post won’t make much sense without reading that one first, so go ahead and do that now. Dum dee dum, waiting… ok. Bill’s…


HealthVault breaks free from the desktop!

DANG it is fun to talk about HealthVault — today the team propped another great release, and this one changes the face of the platform pretty radically. It is going to be really fun to see what new applications start popping up over the next few months. We’ve gone mobile! It’s become completely obvious that…


Super-simple connectivity with DOPU

Our operations team is in the final stages of releasing one of my favorite new HealthVault features to the production systems. “Drop-off / Pick-up” (DOPU for short) is live in the partner environment now and will be ready for public consumption next week. The idea behind DOPU is that sometimes it’s just not necessary or…


The HealthVault Nickel Tour

A couple of weeks ago now we shipped a bunch of new HealthVault stuff — in particular, we’ve significantly enhanced the tools available directly on We had a bunch of our best designers rework the site’s content, styling and navigation, and added editing and graphing capability for a set of core data types. This…



In one of those classic if I had a nickel things … you have no idea how many times I get asked if HealthVault is “covered” under HIPAA. The short answer to that question is, very simply, NO. HealthVault is neither a covered entity or business associate as defined by HIPAA. But the more complete…


What’s the story with HealthVault on Android?

Super quick post because it’s just too much text to put into a tweet. 😉 We get the question a lot — with the HealthVault iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 8 mobile apps — what’s the story with Android? Because we’re both app and platform, there are a few dimensions to the answer:   1….


NHIN Direct: Losing our way; need small business at the table

This last week we held two days of face-to-face meetings for NHIN Direct. The goal was very clear: decide on the base technology underlying the simple push messaging system we’ve been asked to create. We need to do this so that we can move into the implementation phase and deliver value by October. Unfortunately, we…


Yes, thanks — we’ve heard about Google Health

Seems like everybody on the web (or at least in our little Healthcare corner of it) has an opinion on the news that Google Health is shutting down. Just in case you’re thinking about sending me the link — yes, I’ve heard. 🙂 First off — sincere thanks to Aaron, Adam, Missy, Paul, Marc, Crutcher,…


Edge of Tomorrow, aka why I’m not super-excited about FHIR

Yesterday evening my family and I went to see the new Spiderman movie (my wife has somewhat of a crush on Andrew Garfield). It was pretty good, although I still do not get why magnetizing the web shooters protected them against Electro. Whatever. What really caught my eye was the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow,…