Content vs Transport, 2015 Style

I’m afraid ONC has goofed with the changes they’ve proposed regarding the use of Direct secure messaging in the just-released 2015 Voluntary Certification Criteria NPRM. I’ve submitted these comments to them directly (ha, get it?), but am also posting here in the hopes of generating more discussion around the issue. I think it’s pretty important….


Talking to the feds about VDT

Last week I had the privilege to speak to the Information Exchange Workgroup of the HIT Policy Committee about our experiences with the “View, Download and Transmit” requirement in Meaningful Use Stage 2. Even though I (HealthVault) was the only consumer service represented at the session, I was struck with just how clearly the common…


Super-enthused about Blue Button in pharmacies… I think

As the old saw goes, we were Blue Button before Blue Button was cool. We were part of the Markle workgroup where the concept was born, and at the very first Community Health Data Initiative conference we demonstrated how veterans could upload their BB files into HealthVault to share with other providers and use with…