Woo Hoo … it’s a pilot party!

Speaking of a bias for action…. Just a few weeks ago I was down in San Diego visiting with a great group of people to discuss how to best light up patient-based Direct messaging for a set of pilot projects organized by the National Association for Trusted Exchange. It was a great conversation filled with people…


A Tale of Two Cities

Quite a week — from Seattle to DC to Seattle to Edmonton to Seattle — and can finally give belated thanks for no more travel in 2013! Especially given that it was, no joke, -22F degrees in Edmonton before wind chill. Yowza. Happy to be back home where our cold snap is feeling downright balmy….


HealthVault: Certified Awesome.

Update December 2013 — the team has put together a great document with all the details required to integrate solutions with HealthVault to take advantage of our certification; you can find it on our MSDN site here. —S EHRs aren’t the solution to our healthcare problems. But they are a necessary step on the journey,…


Another uninformed analysis of the problems at healthcare.gov

It’s been interesting, and frustrating, watching the drama around healthcare.gov play out. Here in the real Washington, we’ve got a state-based exchange and while the first day or two was pretty ugly, it’s humming along pretty well now. Clearly things aren’t so rosy for the feds. Lots of hand-wringing has been applied to the “how…


What is wrong with EHR developers?

I’m sick — one of those winter-is-coming things that’s not remotely serious, but leaves you with a huge pile of Kleenex, a brilliantly red nose and a huge case of the crankies. So forgive me if this is a little harsh, but I think it’s well-deserved. Are EHR developers just inept, or do they write…


Great stuff at the USC Body Computing Conference!

Last week I got to head down to USC for their annual Body Computing Conference. It was really a neat gathering — Dr. Saxon is able to pull together not only the “right” folks building innovative hardware and trying to make sense of the signals that hardware produces, but also include some really novel ideas…


Thanks, Steve.

Today was the annual Microsoft company meeting; the last one that will happen with SteveB as CEO. Mostly the meeting is a well-orchestrated propaganda-fest — the kind of thing that creates a very physical negative response in me, no matter what the target of the idolatry is (don’t get me started about friggin’ Apple groupies)….


Want to help?

Well, that was awesome. I just got home from a wonderful, two week family vacation — something that is increasingly rare for us as my kids continue to grow into their own lives. We spent time in Maine with my parents, Georgia on the island where my wife and I were married twenty-one years ago,…


Quantified Self, CHECK!

I am so psyched about this post that I’m literally bouncing up and down in my chair. That may be partially a hangover from watching Pacific Rim on the enormous Boeing IMAX screen at Pacsci … but only a little, because I get to announce something today that I think fundamentally ups the ante for…


Raising the stakes again … here come the patients!

Some days I feel like I ought to send my good friends at ONC a big care package full of Valium. The team there really is doing great work, and frankly I can understand trying to move fast given all the political FUD around health reform, but boy is it exhausting trying to keep up…