Windows 8 is HUGE for health … and almost here!

HealthVault is all about making health information available everywhere --- something I had a great time reinforcing a couple of weeks ago at Health 2.0 when I built, compiled and ran a HealthVault iPhone app live on stage in just two minutes. My favorite tweet was from Dr. Wei:

Great stuff. But the world keeps moving, and starting Friday there’s going to be a brand new “everywhere” for HealthVault to be: Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. The launch event starts tomorrow in New York at 10am Eastern. Our little Health IT community has no idea just how much awesome is on its way --- and it’s going to be fun to watch it play out!

First, to be clear --- there are like a zillion Windows 8 capable devices in the market TODAY --- and pretty much every one of the 100 million PCs that will be sold this holiday season will be running the new OS. Math isn’t my strength, but a market opportunity of “a zillion” is pretty good. 😉

Second, it’s the first time *ever* that the market will on a track towards a unified experience across tablets, phones and traditional PCs. Not only is this great for users that want to move seamlessly from device to device --- it’s a huge win for developers who can build expertise in a single environment, rather than  having to be expert in everything from Java to Objective C to C# and back.

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface. The (worldwide!) Windows Store will make it profitable to be a small developer again --- we’re already seeing incredibly awesome imaging, EHR and personal health apps show up on Windows 8. We’re working like crazy on our first-party HealthVault app, and developers are already doing great stuff with our Windows 8 SDK.

Oh right, there are also features like NFC that supercharge device connectivity (A&D is pushing the envelope with this on Android already), sharing contracts that make it super-easy to move health information between applications (I’m going to do a post dedicated to this in the next day or so), Live Tiles that redefine what it means to check in on your world…

Not to mention --- Windows 8 is an enterprise dream. Imagine all the user and usability goodness that we’re seeing emerge with current tablets and next-generation devices, but in a package that can be secured and encrypted to enterprise requirements, has built-in capability to “side load” enterprise apps and keep them up to date, connects with your existing login systems, etc. etc. etc. … woo hoo!

HealthVault is all about having your information where you are, when you need it --- so no matter what devices and systems you choose, we’ll be there. But we’re incredibly excited about Windows 8, and look forward to taking advantage of each and every one of those new features for our users and developers.

Boy it’s fun to invent the future.

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  1. Scott Mace says:

    "Unified experience"? Maybe, but only provided the PC has a touch screen.

  2. Sean Nolan says:

    Scott, a ton of the Win8 goodness doesn't require touch … most of the team here uses it every day without touch input and gets all the benefits of sharing, live tiles, etc. … some great keyboard and mouse tips here:…/0,2817,2401143,00.asp

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