Keep track of moles and skin health with SkinScan for WP7/HealthVault!

Right now I’m at 35,000 feet, winging my way across the Pacific towards Oahu on a family vacation we’ve all been looking forward to for a long time now. This’ll be our first time to Ko Olina and I’m totally looking forward to sitting on the beach drinking, reading, sleeping and occasionally doing something ambitious…


HealthVault on your iPhone courtesy of iTriage… so cool!

Much like families that celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah this time of year, the Nolans are a mixed-platform family. Connor and I use mostly Windows stuff, but Alex and Lara are all Apple, all the time. So while I’ve been crowing about our new HealthVault app for Windows Phone, the peanut gallery here has been…


HealthVault — now fun-size!

I am stunned at how many folks have already installed our brand new HealthVault app for Windows Phone. Forget any questions I may have had about the momentum of the mobile platforms; this is where the world is going. The app is meant to be a handy general purpose tool — optimized for use whenever…


Here for the long haul!

This is a great day for Microsoft in Health — the future for Amalga couldn’t be brighter (get it, that’s a GE lightbulb joke) and I was thrilled to send the note below to our HealthVault ecosystem partners earlier today. I’m all in — and having a great time changing the world with you all….