HealthVault es mejor que los otros!

It's safe to say that I did not have a very "diverse"
childhood growing up Lexington,
*** in the 1970s.
I was perhaps a slight minority in my peer group because I wasn't Jewish, but the
closest I got to hearing folks speak Spanish was on Sesame Street.  

This couldn't be farther from the reality of our country
today. Spanish is the primary language of over 35.5 million people in the
United States, and that number is growing day over day. The Census Bureau is
projecting that by 2050 (not as far away as it sounds!) a full quarter of the
US population will self-identify as Hispanic or Latino, a large percentage of
which will use Spanish as their primary language. My TV up here in the far
Northwest reaches of Washington State has a full suite of Spanish language
channels (great for catching up on the totally awesome Sabado

ANYWAY --- over the last few years we've done a bunch of localization
as we've taken HealthVault to the international
market --- what is less well-known is that that work is available for
Spanish-speaking folks in the United States as well. Bienvenido!

HealthVault will try to figure out what language to use
based on your browser settings. But you can always change that preference using
the "Your account" link at the top-right of the page once you've logged in.

I say this all the time, but it's worth saying again: Nobody
is in a better position than Microsoft to build the platforms that are helping
real people become active participants in their own well-being. Anybody can
throw up a nice looking website; we have the history, discipline, resources and
expertise to deliver solutions with the details that will stand up over the
long term.

I am just so insanely proud of what we're doing with
HealthVault it hurts. It's great to be a part of the journey.


*** In its defense,
however, Lexington is the true birthplace of American
. Concord always tries to take our glory, but it was Lexington Minutemen that took the
first fire on April 19, 1775 ... The Shot Heard Round the



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  1. Nikita says:

    Are there plans to launch HealthVault in Europe (particularly in France)? I really like the service, but unfortunately it's not available outside the US.

  2. Sean Nolan says:

    Thanks Nikita! HealthVault is available in the UK and soon in Germany, but we don't have any concrete plans for France yet — I would love to see that happen! We are always looking for partners to help us enter other countries and would love to see that happen in France.

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