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11:18pm, and I'm just closing up shop on a pretty incredible day at the Health 2.0 conference. Not only did I talk to a bunch of great folks and get to show of our integration of clinical and CHDI data with Amalga (I'll blog more about this awesomeness later) ... but we also got to participate in the official launch of the Blue Button initiative.

In an amazing turn of events, the VA has had more than 65,000 unique Blue Button downloads in the week or so that they've been in soft launch. That is just crazy, and frankly says that there is a ton of latent interest in that community for getting involved in their healthcare.

And it was great to talk about our HealthVault Blue Button application, which is live NOW and is a great way to put those files to use in the real world. If you're one of those 65,000 users, head on over to and give us a try!

Our product folks put together a pretty slick video that walks through just a few of the really sweet applications that instantly "light up" with value when combined with BB data in HealthVault --- check it out here.

Unfortunately, I have to get up at the crack of dawn to head back to the ranch in Redmond --- so will miss the great stuff still to come at the conference. But I'll be watching on Twitter, and a whole crew of Microsoft folks will still be around. So be sure to say hi and talk to us about what you're doing --- we'd love to help out!

Note added 10/8 --- Check out this cool Blue Button blog post from the White House --- too awesome!


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