Start to finish: The HealthVault Nickel Tour

A couple of weeks ago now we shipped a bunch of new HealthVault stuff --- in particular, we've significantly enhanced the tools available directly on We had a bunch of our best designers rework the site's content, styling and navigation, and added editing and graphing capability for a set of core data types. This stuff is really exciting to me because I believe it helps users answer the question, "How do I get started?" And most importantly, the investments we've made in controls for viewing, editing and graphing HealthVault data will ultimately make their way into our SDK (Software Development Kit) --- reinforcing again our commitment to making it easier and easier for our partners to build great HealthVault applications.

I told our PR team that, once we had this release in the bag, I would put together a "nickel tour" of HealthVault ... walking through the key functionality from start to finish. The goal is to really be able to give users, reviewers, industry folks, etc. a sense of what the product and platform are all about. Of course I won't hit everything - but here goes my best shot. It's kind of long and has a bunch of screenshots, so I put it on a separate page here:

Take the HealthVault Nickel Tour

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Last two years brought unprecedented interest in Personal Health Records (PHRs). Started in healthcare industry outlets the excitement crossed over into traditional media and the expectations are high. Over the last year I have written a few pieces abou

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