OK, for reals this time, last post here ….

… to say, please join me at my new home! I’ll be blogging at http://importimmunity.wordpress.com and tweeting as @importimmunity.  Two months in, and Adaptive Biotechnologies is the most fun and biggest challenge I’ve had in years. Loving the biotech life and looking forward to sharing the adventure.  Woo hoo!


What’s Next!

OK, just one more post here! In between time relaxing with the family and getting to know all the great kayaking spots around King County this summer, I was introduced to the incredible work and team at Adaptive Biotechnologies and have accepted a position as their CTO starting in a couple of weeks. In short,…


An incredible eight years, aka “the best summer sausage ever”

Usually words come easily to me. When it’s time to write something, I’ll think about it a bit in the shower or on a drive, and then it just kind of happens. Not so this time. I’ve been staring at this empty Word doc for a few days trying to figure it out. Finally concluded…


HxRefactored 2014: "Health is hard; let’s go shopping!"

Finishing up a long week away from home waiting for my flight home from Toronto – can’t wait to get back to the Northwest. Will be getting up bright and early tomorrow for one last skiing day with my son at Crystal! Gonna be awesome. It was a week well spent, though. In particular, HxRefactored…


Edge of Tomorrow, aka why I’m not super-excited about FHIR

Yesterday evening my family and I went to see the new Spiderman movie (my wife has somewhat of a crush on Andrew Garfield). It was pretty good, although I still do not get why magnetizing the web shooters protected them against Electro. Whatever. What really caught my eye was the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow,…


HealthVault as a Personal HIE

Yesterday my colleague Dr. Bill Crounse wrote a great blog post about how — perhaps — we could accelerate progress in health data sharing by “starting over” with a patient-centric approach. This post won’t make much sense without reading that one first, so go ahead and do that now. Dum dee dum, waiting… ok. Bill’s…


Karl rocks!

I often tell the story of how I ended up at Microsoft as an intern back in 1989. I wrote two letters from my college dorm room: one to Bill Gates and one to Steve Jobs. I never heard back from Steve, but a week later I got a call from Microsoft and within a…


You want even more good news for patients? We’re here to please!

I love it when a plan comes together. What started in a pretty featureless meeting room in 2009 is finally coming to fruition in the real world, as Direct messaging makes its way into the hands of real providers and real patients. This is the fun part … as use cases and benefits start to…


Trust me, I’m a patient!

In our little world of patient data interoperability, job #1 for the last year or so has been all about getting data out of provider systems. Meaningful Use VDT is a big part of that, and it’s cool to have been in the UK last week learning about their progress along a very similar path…


Content vs Transport, 2015 Style

I’m afraid ONC has goofed with the changes they’ve proposed regarding the use of Direct secure messaging in the just-released 2015 Voluntary Certification Criteria NPRM. I’ve submitted these comments to them directly (ha, get it?), but am also posting here in the hopes of generating more discussion around the issue. I think it’s pretty important….