SharePoint To Go: Released to Web

Thanks to a reader of my blog, SharePoint To Go sample application now uses the Sync Framework 1.0 RTM. The kind contributor of the updated version is one Daniel Studer from Switzerland. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Daniel has updated sample application and in his own words:

I have updated the version.

Errors (not fixed):

- IntegerCalculator not available



Errors (fixed):

- Added the new References to Sync Services

- Changed SqlCeMetadataStore to SqlMetadataStore

I can't test the project, first I must change the credentials to forms. I hoped it's easier to connect to sharepoint for data synchronization. Both way SQL Server SSIS and Sync Framework needs a lot of code. Just the access developer can work easy and fast with sharepoint lists.


You could easily get the IntegerCalculator from the SCSF-Apr2008 Quick Start application. Anyway you don't really need the Integer Calculator because this demo is about consuming the List.asmx web service from SharePoint.

Yes in order to consume the List.asmx, you first need to add the permissions in SharePoint administration. Please refer to some articles on MSDN on how to do that. My bad, I forgot to document the steps required and I have kinda forgotten what I'd done to enable it. But I've also done a quick hack. Search for NetworkCredentials in my solution. I modified the proxy class (generated by VS when I add a Web reference) to properly use the NetworkCredentials of the standard user in my VPC, who is tfsrtm08\darren.

There seems to be a lot of code in order to do synchronization even when using the Sync Framework. However this is not exactly true. When I developed this sample application, I was reusing most of the code in the sample apps that came with the Sync Framework tutorial. Essentially, all I provided was the implementation classes that is derived from the generic sync provider class in the tutorial. Having said that, it is still relatively simple and it does not involve that many lines of code.


Disclaimer: I have not tested the content of fix provided by Daniel. Everything is provided as-is by Daniel.

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